Westside Fyre Show


Fashion Mic World fashion designers showcase their clothing line and collections to industry buyers and stylists. Welcome to our world! When Dorothy clicked her hills she didn’t go to Kansas, she went to Hollywood. We invite you to be a member of the Hollywood club. Alongside, MTV awards, BET Awards, American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance. Hollywood is the music capital of the world and the ambassador for fashion and apparel design. We showcase award-winning designers from all over the world, Billboard Magazines top artists and emerging designers, models artists and dancers to media, buyers, record labels, industry elite, and affluent clientele. Complete the Designer Registration Form

Fashion Mic World fashion designers participant on a tier level. Selected tier levels will qualify the number of pieces and categories you can present in Fashion Mic World Fashion shows. Select your registration level. After selecting your registration level, you will need to enter your address and registration information. Complete the Designer Registration Form

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Fall, Resort/ Cruise, Spring, Summer, Winter